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Hilary Oitzinger Betson practices Collaborative and Integrative Family Law. Hilary has honed her approach to family law over fifteen years of practice and has over 100 hours of training in mediation and Collaborative Law. She is always on the look out for creative solutions. She is also a Certified Holistic Divorce Coach and loves bringing a dynamic, interest-based, and progressive coaching perspective to her all of her clients.

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Legal matters are difficult and litigation can be destructive to your family. We provide a spectrum of collaborative dispute solutions and conflict prevention; maintaining your family's best interest through difficult transitions.


Whether you are in a divorce or custody matter, we are here for you.

Collaborative law is a team approach used extensively throughout the country, but is just beginning to grow in Montana. Mediation is a powerful tool on its own. Integrative and co-mediations double the effectiveness of mediation by involving different professions to work together toward the same goal; protecting you and your family as you transition through life, either as co-parents, caregivers, or devoted offspring. 


About Hilary O. Betson









I've been practicing family law since 2008 and have over 100 hours of training in Mediation and Collaborative Law . I am also a Certified Montana Mediator and a Certified Holistic Divorce Coach.


When I'm not working to transform the adversarial court system, I spend my time with deep friendships, art, music, literature, self development & spiritual seeking. My other passion project is ALight, LLC. Through ALight, I provide synergetic coaching & wellness services.

I look forward to talking to you about my wholehearted approach to family law, estate planning and coaching.

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Collaborative Family Law

Hilary provides a collaborative approach to all family law issues. This includes divorce, parenting plans, adoption, guardianship and conservatorship. She assists clients in looking at the big picture for their family and their lives as they transition. She reaches sustainable out of court agreements whenever possible. She thinks outside the box and brings in additional attorney and mental health professionals as team members to resolve disputes efficiently without the drama of the courtroom.


Estate Planning

We assist with Wills, Powers, and Simple Revocable Trusts, as well as probate. We use a comprehensive, cooperative approach that considers the needs of you and your family. A legacy plan is a love letter to your family that helps pass your legacy as wholly as possible.  

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Legal Coaching

Hilary provides legal coaching in many areas, but she is also a Certified Holistic Divorce Coach. She uses a wellness approach to steward clients through this difficult emotional and legal process by focusing on the whole self. She prioritizes the best outcomes for you, your heart and soul, and your finances, as you restructure your family and your relationships. 

What Hilary's Clients have to Say

"Hilary saved my life during a difficult divorce. I always felt that she was there on my side and had my best interests in mind. I always got a quick response when I had questions or concerns. She treated me as a person, not just another case or client and you can tell she really cares about what she does."

-Partially contested dissolution and parenting plan

"Hilary was exceptional in her representation of my case. I was and still am going through a very difficult period in my life and her strength and kindness helped me. I would recommend Hilary to anyone."
-Supported uncontested dissolution and parenting plan

"Divorce finalized! Thank you so much. I literally could not have done this without you. So grateful you were there that day in November when I called you."
-Collaboratively-mediated divorce and parenting plan.


"I just want to take a moment to say thank you! You have been amazing and I appreciate your work."
-Supported uncontested divorce and parenting plan

"Hilary helped me safely navigate out of an abusive and tumultuous marriage that involved a newborn. I will forever be grateful for her professionalism and compassionate nature.”
-Contested Parenting Plan

"My experience with Hilary was a godsend. I was going through divorce. She guided me through it with empathy and compassion as it was a difficult decision and process. She was able to work with me and my ex husband through the paperwork process and hard decisions. I recommend her services and value her work."
-Facilitated Contested Dissolution

"After spending countless hours speaking to attorneys on the phone, across the state of Montana, I finally found Ms. Oitzinger. She was compassionate, knowledgable and professional. She agreed to work with my husband and I as a mediator, and I know that it went well because of how she handled the dynamics of the process. I am so grateful to her."
-Mediation for complex asset divorce

"Hilary has been an absolute pleasure to work with. My case is quite complex and she takes the time to understand each aspect. She always responds quickly and is consistently available to answer questions. She also has the ability to have empathy and sincere understanding for every situation that arises.

-Contested Parenting Plan

Hilary proved that her composed but determined approach is both professional and respected. Always prepared, always supportive, always available, always offering clear and concise direction. Having never appeared in justice court before, I can say it is an overwhelming and frightening experience. I'm grateful to have had Attorney Betson, and her staff, guiding our family competently and safely through the legal process. 

-Contested Parenting Plan

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By Appointment: 7 W 6th Ave, #3D, Helena, MT 59601
P.O. Box 4191, Butte, MT 59702

By Appointment: 125 W Granite #201, Butte, MT 59701

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